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Already in 1990 K.Soren and Juba had decided to follow a certain pattern for the future darXtar catalog. As Darker leaned towards the gloomy side of outer space, Daybreak was planned to include more melodic contributions with a touch of optimism. They had also agreed to make it a no holds barred Hawkwind tribute, with all familiar tricks included. The entrance of drummer Patric Danielsson in 1992 further boosted their confidence in that he not only came in with fresh ideas, he could emulate the style


of Hawkwind's ace drummer, Simon King, like no one else as well! During 1993 they had done their first studiojob as a three piece outfit, recording the track UFO for the "Let your freak flag fly" compilation CD. When it was ready, they had turned into a four piece unit, as they were joined during the recording by violinist Fredrik Sundqvist (before the HawXtaR gig a studio member only). Soon after and prior to their live debut they brought in keyboardist Soren Martensson. This became the line up for Daybreak. UFO had been



        alien spaceship crashes in northern europe, one creature emerges alive
1. ETERNAL WAR - a tale from the battlefield, a never ending story...
                      Surviving alien approaches and enters the time vaults
2. MAGICIANS - last chant before take off
3. VOICES OF MY DREAMS - captain's lament, space trauma!

                   as we're heading into nowhere, we remember...remember...
4. DARK DAZE  - ...remember, and long for home
5. VALLEY OF TIME  - midlanding on a strange planet

                       there are no birds in space, use this disc as substitute
5. TRAVEL FAST NOWHERE  - once you're up, it's hard to come down!
6. INTO THE UNKNOWN  - approaching orbit, yeaaooh...

                         (excerpt from original promotion flyer for Daybreak)

entirely recorded at Studio Workstation in Gnesta, where Patric lived at the time, and cheap enough it was chosen for Daybreak as well, although only the drums and bass was kept from those sessions. The rest was recorded at studio terra, much like they did with Tombola. The artwork was done by Steve Lines, a beautiful space scenario in greyscale that unfortunately had to be slightly mistreated in the layout due to economical reasons. They simply could not afford to print the fold out cover in full color, and as the inside of it contained the only color image, they had to print the outside in pure greyscale, losing the depth of the color printed side. On this page you can also see an excerpt from a Daybreak promo flyer, including some hints to the mystical interludes on the CD. Bengtsson spent considerable time mixing the album and was very disappointed by the final master made by The Cutting Room. He considers the master weak in sound and without life. Lack of money, as always, forced them to release it anyway. As a footnote to that original plan we mentioned, the successor to Daybreak was already destined to move away from this Hawkwind'ish type of space rock, even before Daybreak was finished. They felt they had followed that track as far as they could with this recording. Already at this stage tensions between Juba and the rest of the band became obvious. While the others wanted to work as a team when it came to songwriting and general brainstorming, Juba was always reluctant to any changes in his material, something that eventually led to him being sacked in november 1994. Rest assured this CD is a must in every psychedelic space rocker's collection!



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