Released on SBm sweden records 1997


Live recorded at Eldslandet in Jönköping, Sweden 16 december 1995, featuring Nik Turner from Hawkwind. Later partially remixed by the commander at studio terra. It was not originally planned to be recorded for a release, but since the gig went well and the tape sounded ok they decided to do a limited series CD-R of it, sort of a semi bootleg if you wish. The tapes were hampered from a rollercoaster type of limiter though, and they spent a lot of time adjusting the levels manually at studio terra, leaving most of the concert undocumented. It was released by SBm sweden in 1997 in 100 numbered copies. Everything hand made, from the adjustment of the tapes, to the labeling of the actual CD-R, this must be considered as a collectors item. Click on the link below to read more.


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