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In K.Soren Bengtsson's own words; "The idea to the gig came when Evert Wysell, who had arranged a gig for us a year earlier, suggested that he would like to stage a space fest in Jönköping, his native town, featuring Hawkwind us and others. I warned him that, although an exciting idea, it would be a financial suicide for him to bring over Hawkwind. I told him to call Nik Turner instead, who had recently been on a successful US tour doing some old Hawkwind stuff, and suggested that darXtar could provide the backing to keep costs down (actually it was me of course who saw a chance to once and for all perform the classic Hawkwind songs live on stage). Nik was keen to come as usual and he had nothing to object in us backing him up. We gave him a list of tunes we would've liked to hear, mostly based on the stuff from 1971-75, and the only thing he asked was "-Nothing from my solo albums or ICU?" but we insisted to make this a Hawkwind clone thing. Since this was far more than the regular darXtar gig I decided to bring in Kenneth Magnusson from The Moor on Mellotron and Synth, while Juba (ex darXtar bassman) declined to join. With me, Patric and Bjorn (just recruited) well acquainted with the Hawkwind catalog there was no problem for us to find the right vibes for the gig. Here I should mention that we

were going to do our own set as well, since we were, are and always will be a little afraid to be forever called "The Hawkwind Clones from Sweden"... it was probably not a wise decision since all of our rehearsal time was consumed by the Hawkwind stuff, leaving the darXtar set a bit untogether. We were amazed by our ability to recreate that slow searing doremi-type sound nearly at once, especially Marcus who, at age 21, only begun listening to Hawkwind when he joined us a year earlier! Those of you who were there can certify that we came close to the real thing, and Nik even told us after rehearsing 7 by 7 that Hawkwind never did it better back then, like he would remember, huh?! Anyway, it was great fun to do it, and Nik was a real gentleman as you could expect and an absolutely superb flautist! We were joined by a girl called Nina on stage and at the end of the show, during Silver Machine, fire eaters entered the floor. After the gig we decided that this was it, no more Hawkwind clones. We had done it, and got away with it, so why stay there? We had already begun writing songs for the Tombola album too, and that album will hopefully take us away from the Hawkwind clone thing for good. So what about the 1998 gig at Rocksjön you ask? Well, to be honest, Evert called me up and said he was going to bring Nik over again but I told him we were not interrested in backing him any more. He insisted though, and after months of nagging we finally said ok, but only if we would be the only band to play with Nik during the two day festival. Once there this proved of course impossible since Nik plays with each and everyone everywhere, and by the time he came on with us he'd probably done a dozen performances with the other acts, leaving him and the songs pretty much burned out. Need I say it was a terrible gig? It was in fact so discouraging we almost promised ourselves never to perform on stage again. Fortunately we came over it, but it took a long time and it still sends a shiver up my spine whenever I think about it. Please forget that one and remember the real one, the HawXtaR one!".


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