Released on Black Widow records 1996


Recorded during 4 days in summer 1995 - including mixdown! 3 days at Balans Studios, Skedvi, Sweden and 1 day at studio terra. Originally intended to be released as a CD-single between their more ambitious projects Daybreak and Tombola, but due to a request from italian label Black Widow records, hastily promoted to official CD status. In fact so hasty that half of the songs were hardly finished when they came to the studio. With that in mind the result is beyond expectation. More importantly the CD helped the band to attract a wider audience and showed their potential outside the limited space rock genre. It was released on vinyl as well and without being conservative, the vinyl version is far superior to the somewhat thin sound of the CD. It was later re-released by SBm sweden with a slightly redesigned booklet. Click on the link below to read more.


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