The storyline of

On the road to the the Crohinga Well Earth Ritual festival in 1994, old friend Sputnic came up with the idea of a concept album he was working on. It was a far out space journey story that he had dreamed up, and he had most of the lyrics finished. By march 1995 the band received lyrics and ideas for 13 songs. This is in his own words the storyline;

Tombola - a space adventure.

A group of space freaks down on earth makes a discovery during a privileged search, in a protected zone, underground. Once down, they find a chamber from the past, with a fountain where a blue frozen flame is beaming. This environment surrounds them with a tremendous feeling of harmony, and they decide that this is what mother earth is needing, still a place with eternal wars and misery. They take on the mission to find a spark somewhere in space in order to spread the blue flame and it's healing vibes over the planet. Sanctioned and sponsored by the Occult Academy of Human Resources they are getting ready to, like some philantropical crusaders, take on their quest. After all kinds of difficulties, they find the task impossible to fulfill, and when they finally return they make the unbelievable and scary discovery that the blue frozen flame has reproduced itself, and crystallized itself like a shell around the earth.

Story track by track;
silently driftin' - afterthoughts, a paranoid conclusion.
blue frozen flame - the beginning, the discovery.
high on hopes - the egotrip, a chance to become heroes.
aura fiducia - the mothership, superwoman.
no peak to pass - they're heading in the wrong direction. in a haze, slides of life on earth and beautiful women from the past appears.
breath messages - when they seem to back in the right direction, they find themselves heading for a backward mirror reflection of planet earth, a scary place.
compromised space - out of the ashes into the fire, where opposites melt together. healin' skin -  enter the shaman and let the drum speak.
in the spiral - still lost in the spiral of time, but the mission must continue.
ode to the undone - encouraging future expeditions.
the tunnel inversion - out through the airlocks, into the unknown, back on course. baby gaia - earth as a woman, girl or a child. crystallized, frozen for eternity.
tombola - a reflection of life on earth as we knew it. the anxiety. what was the meaning questioning reasons - like hoping for some luck, in the tombola...


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