Reviews of
W E  C A M E  T O O  L A T E

Here you will find all of the reviews that we're made aware of. Only snippets due to copyright reasons and a link to the original source:

"A new album by Swedish space rock gurus Darxtar, excellent! We Came too Late took me by surprise since there’s only been four years since Tombola was released... ...Darxtar can write totally amazing songs that can touch deep the heart of a robust man. ...a very successful release that goes straight into the top albums of 2005 list in my books."
Psychotropic Zone, Finland

"“We came too late” provides a pleasurable listening experience that fans of psych/ prog rock should enjoy. Darxtar explodes in intelligent and catchy pop rhythms and melodies that will blow you away."
Concrete Web, Belgium

"DARXTAR verknüpfen klassischen Rock und Hardrock mit Pop der späten 60er, schreiben Melodien, die Dich umgarnen und mit sich reißen, hinein in einen Strudel aus Leidenschaft und anderen wilden Emotionen. Dann kommt erdiger Bluesrock ins Spiel und will fast einen Hauch Biederkeit ausstrahlen, aber das haben DARXTAR einkalkuliert. Vor folkigen Einsprengseln machen sie hiernach selbstredend auch nicht halt. ...Sie haben halt mit dem vorhandenen Material ein Höchstmaß an Effektivität erzielt. Exzellente, eigenwillige Rockscheibe."
Metal District, Germany

“…a very powerful album indeed… they have really stepped up to another level and this is an album that all space rock/psych freaks should grab with both hands. Highly recommended.”
Feedback Fanzine #86, England

"Darxtar's latest CD, "We Came Too Late", isn't your avarage space rock album.
The band kicks it in a variety of styles: Mellow soundscapes bleed into blistering 60's acid pop which sidestep into spacey prog work-outs. Despite all the twists and turns the disc never loses a sense of coherence. Work well done by these freewheelin' Swedes."
Roadburn, Holland

"...53 minutes of powerful space rock. Crashing guitars share the stage with more sedately applied strings, developing a lush stratification of pulsating riffs as rhythm chords and lead pyrotechnics conspire to propel the tuneage to dizzying heights. Nimble-fingered chords establish growling riffs that resound and bluster with ceiling-rattling cadence."
Sonic Curiosity, USA


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